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About Monoji

Monoji is a fun and easy way to celebrate someone you love with an emoji or e-card that has virtual currency attached. The company was founded by Tim Parsa, a tech entrepreneur and founder of Uphold, Airtm, and Slyk.

Send a Monoji to someone you love today!

How It Works

Monoji is built on top of Slyk, the revolutionary cloud points platform that brings all the benefits of the Internet to points.

With monoji you can easily send e-card

1. Choose someone to celebrate

Birthday card@2x

2. Add a personal message

Card message@2x

3. Add money

Or send monojis on Slack and show your Team Members how you really feel:
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Cash icon


Emoji cash
chat Created with Sketch. @monojibot @roberto Awesome job with the app. Thanks for the hard work :beer: Roberto Our pleasure. Thanks Tim! 11:31AM Tim @monojibot @roberto Awesome job with the app. Thanks for the hard work 11:30AM Monoji Bot 11:30AM Party time! Tim sent Roberto beer points ( + 5 points)

Is as easy as login in and create an e-card or adding Monoji to Slack with a click:

Sending and Receiving

It’s really simple. You just need to tag @monojibot and the person you want to send points to. Include a message if you like, and then add any emoji. The tagged user will receive the monoji and the monoji's value will be credited to their Slyk account.

Chat sending a


If something goes wrong when creating a monoji, the bot will tell you right away. You’ll receive a direct message detailing what went wrong. Perhaps your Airtm account isn’t connected yet? Or maybe you don’t have sufficient funds in it?

Chat error


What is a Monoji?

A monoji is a way to reward your team, friends and family with an ecard + virtual currency or with an emoji + monoji points on Slack. Monoji uses Slyk to make monojis possible.

Emojis on Slack public channels are fun, but with Monoji you can show your friends how you really feel. What’s better than receiving a beer emoji from a pal? Receiving a beer monoji that comes with beer points attached that can be redeemed for a beer!

E-cards have been around for a long time, but now it is possible to add real money to them. Dr. Monoji heard about Slyk and realized that an e-card plus money is a great way to celebrate the people you love.

When should I send a Monoji?

Send a monoji whenever you want to celebrate someone in your life. There is a Monoji for every occasion. Send an e-card + USD to your nephew for graduation, or to your uncle for Christmas with an monoji e-card. Use Slack monojis to send a buddy a beer emoji with monoji points or invite him or her to a slice with a pizza monoji.

With the Monoji app you can transform any emoji into a monoji and assign it a value. You can also add custom monojis to your Slack.

Why do I need an Slyk account to use Monoji?

Monoji is built on Slyk’s money layer technology that makes it easy to manage virtual currency, whether its dollars from Airtm and Paypal or loyalty points from your team.

Monoji makes it easy to attach virtual currency to internet content and Slyk makes it easy to manage that virtual currency.

How do I cash-out a Monoji?

To cash-out a Monoji e-card of Monoji points all you have to do is join the Monoji Payspace. You can withdraw it to your Airtm account, Paypal account, with many more funding/withdrawal methods coming soon.

What is Slyk and how do I create an account?

Slyk is enterprise software that make it easy to manage virtual currency. It makes holding, sending and receiving money as easy, instant and free as email.

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